I did like 8 of these yesterday, and focused on having really good form like this girl does, and I woke up with sore abs today. After just doing 8 of these. Yeah I think they work.


4 High-Intensity Exercises to Tone Your Entire Body

Tone your entire body with these high intensity exercises from personal trainer Hannah Davis from Body by Hannah. Full video

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Revie Schulz.

Oh my god

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why does this make me feel mad

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Happy 4th of July

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not sure how to get out of that first move gracefully and my pole is rlly slippy today

but ye hi 

tips? requests?


Just finished some lovely morning Pilates! I’ve been going to sleep at 12am now (like a normal human) and waking up at a preferable time like 7:15am! So excited for my new sleeping schedule because I love being able to wake up early and feel like I have more time to myself. How’s your sleep?Remember that having enough rest is JUST AS IMPORTANT as eating clean and working out. You need all 3 to reach your goals. Today’s outfit of choice: @onzie bra and booty shorts from my friend Kyla over at @evolvefitwear!!


2 Steps To Get A Better Butt

Mini Squats w/ Straight Arms Up

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointing out. Hold a dumbbell up above your head with both hands. Do a deep squat, then do small movements up and down, never fully coming up. Do for 1 min. WORKS ABS, CORE, ARMS, GLUTES, QUADS, SHOULDERS

1 Leg Squat w/ISO-Curls

Stand with feet together, dumbbells in hands with elbows bent, palms facing back. Lift one leg slightly off the ground, placing your weight on the other leg. Squat down as low as you can, keeping both legs still and straight. Do for 1 min. WORKS ABS, CORE, ARMS, BICEPS, GLUTES, QUADS

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