Like seriously, why isn’t pole dancing an olympic sport? This is freakin gymnastics. This is strength and skill. This is not sexual whatsoever. Why does pole dancing have to be so stigmatised as a sexual thing that only strippers do? I have great respect for all people who can pull this off. This is art and beauty right here. 

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Exercises that activate each buttocks muscle : 

  • MEDIUS - Jumping Jacks 
  • MAXIMUS - Deep Lunges 
  • MINIMUS - Squats

Honestly, you need NOTHING else to get the butt you dream of, just these three exercises!

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I did like 8 of these yesterday, and focused on having really good form like this girl does, and I woke up with sore abs today. After just doing 8 of these. Yeah I think they work.


4 High-Intensity Exercises to Tone Your Entire Body

Tone your entire body with these high intensity exercises from personal trainer Hannah Davis from Body by Hannah. Full video

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Revie Schulz.

Oh my god

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why does this make me feel mad

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Happy 4th of July

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